2000 February 25

The premiere of Dangerous Summer (“Baiga vasara”), directed by Aigars Grauba

2002 Beginning

Latvia joins the European Eurimages Fund. 

2003 September 4
  • Māra Ķimele in the film The Python 

Laila Pakalniņa’s film The Python has its international premiere at the 60th Venice Film Festival.  

2003 October 31

The first multiplex cinema opens in Riga. Forum Cinemas has 14 theatres on 6 floors with total 3000 seats. 

2007 November 11

The premiere of Defenders of Riga (“Rīgas sargi”) from director Aigars Grauba and producer Andrejs Ēķis. 

2010 March 7

Kathryn Bigelow becomes the first female director to win an Oscar (for her film The Hurt Locker). 

2010 June 17

The Parliament of Latvia approves the Film Law on the third reading. The President makes the announcement on June 29th. 

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