1973 January
  • Pēteris Gaudiņš (Gatiņš) and Esmeralda Ermale (Baiba) in the film Blow, ye Winds! 

The Riga Film Studio holds a casting call for the roles of Baiba and Gatiņš in the film Blow, ye Wind! (“Pūt, vējiņi!”, directed by Gunārs Piesis). Approx. 2000 hopefuls apply from all across Latvia. 

1976 February 8
  • Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver 

Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. Scorsese becomes one of “New Hollywood’s” most important directors. 

1977 February 8 - 14

The first documentary film symposium-conference takes place in Jūrmala, Latvia. 

1977 March 29

In the race for the best picture Oscar, director and actor Woody Allen’s Annie Hall comes out ahead of George Lucas’ Star Wars. But the victory is illusory – Star Wars was the film that changed Hollywood’s mentality, orientating towards huge investment and special effects in the name of huge profits. 

1978 Beginning
  • Lielais Kristaps prize in 2007, sculptor Zigmunds Ozoliņš 

Latvian Filmmakers’ Union establishes the Lielais Kristaps national film awards.  


Drawn animation film In My Pocket (“Kabata”) made by director Roze Stiebra. 

1986 May 13 – 15

The 5th USSR Filmmakers Union Congress takes place in Moscow, marking the beginning of Gorbachev’s restructuring (Perestroika).  

1986 August 24 - 30

Kino dienas (Film Days)’86 take place in Riga. It is forerunner to the International Film Forum Arsenāls

1987 January 26

Juris Podnieks’ documentary film, Is It Easy to Be Young? (“Vai viegli būt jaunam?”, 1986) opens in Latvian film theatres.  

1988 March 1

The Riga Film Museum is established. 

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