1932 April 9
  • Paul Muni in Scarface 

Howard Hawks’ Scarface – the birth and rise of the gangster film genre in the USA. It was a “child” of the Great Depression and prohibition. Many elements of the gangster film genre are still used by Hollywood today. 

1934 November 18

Premiere of Latvia’s first musical feature of President Ulmanis era: Son of the People (“Tautas dēls”). 

1934 December 25

The premiere of the musical film Jolly Fellows (Весёлые ребята, dir. Grigori Aleksandrov), in Moscow, taking the Hollywood musical tradition into a socialistic environment. 


Film sector in Latvia comes under the jurisdiction of the newly created Ministry of Public Affairs.  

1937 December 21

The first drawn animation feature in film history is made in the USA: Walt Disney’s Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.  

1939 August 12

Hollywood savours sound and colour! Victor Fleming’s The Wizard of Oz – a musical with gorgeous design, fantasy elements and special effects. 

1940 January 22
  • Nina Melbārde (Anita) and Pēteris Lūcis (Oskars) in the film Fisherman’s Son 

Premiere of Fisherman’s Son (“Zvejnieka dēls”, director Vilis Lapenieks) at the cinema Splendid Palace.  

1940 Spring

Aleksandrs Rusteiķis’ feature film The Dam (“Aizsprosts”) is completed.  

1941 May 1

Orson Wells’ daring Citizen Kane. ­It is still considered one of the best films ever made. 

1941 October 3

The birth of film noir – John Houston’s The Maltese Falcon. This stylistic movement dominated Hollywood until mid-1950s and is still an inexaustible source for citations. 

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