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The Cabinet of Latvian Cinema is an omnibus of information on the most essential themes, players, and tendencies in Latvian film history, from the beginnings of cinema in the late 1800s to early 1900s up until today. The idea for creating the Cinema Cabinet was borrowed from the Dainu Skapis – Cabinet of Folksongs, which was included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. Our Cabinet is a similar vessel for Latvian film history – collecting fact after fact, film after film, star after star. It’s a travel guide into the broad cinematic world – Latvian film history is reflected upon a backdrop of world cinematic events, creating a notion of the interaction of Latvian and international cinema processes, the parallels and differences. The entire version of the Cinema Cabinet will be available at the Riga Film Museum as a permanent digital exhibition, featuring many layers of text, images, film fragments, and audio material. Here is a glimpse into the drawers of the Cinema Cabinet.


The information in the exhibition and on the web site is divided into six themes:

  1. A Timeline of Latvian and World Cinema – the essential facts pertaining to the processes in Latvian and World Cinema from the very beginning in the late 1800s up until today.
  2. The Beginnings of Latvian Cinema – the beginning of film production and film exhibition in the territory of Latvia, the development of national cinema, and the most notable personalities in Latvian film up to the 1940s.
  3. The Riga School of Poetic Documentary Cinema – a movement in Latvian documentary film that began in the 1960s, its most memorable films and filmmakers.
  4. Animation – appliqué, puppet, and drawn animation in Latvia, the most outstanding personalities.
  5. Film Production in the Soviet Era illustrates two facets – the bureaucratic mechanism of film production in the Soviet Union’s centralized film production system, and also serves as an introduction to the filmmaking process, from the writing of a script to the advertising campaign.
  6. The Stars – Actors and Directors highlights the most loved and revered Latvian actors and directors of the cinema screen. 




Concept and project realization: Agnese Zeltiņa, Dita Rietuma, Elīna Reitere, Zane Balčus, Līva Pētersone, Juris Freidenbergs, Laima Mincenofa. Texts: Dita Rietuma, Daira Āboliņa, Inga Pērkone, Kristīne Matīsa, Anita Uzulniece, Ieva Viese. Digital design - Dd studio: Jānis Mitrēvics, Dāvids Mitrēvics, Reinis Dzudzilo. 



The project was realized with the financial support by the EU European Regional Development Fund.